Tips To Get Your Dead Car Battery Replaced at Your Home in Dubai

Generally, all brands of car batteries have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. To keep your luxury vehicle running smoothly, you must replace the battery after its expected lifespan. Replacing the car battery on their own can be tedious for some people. Read till the end to learn how to replace a dead car battery at home with the help of the team of We Fix Car

What is the Purpose of a Car Battery?

The car battery is one of the most essential components. It helps start the motor and provides power to all the electrical systems, including the infotainment system, lights, and power windows.

The battery recharges again when the vehicle is running through an alternator. It functions like a mini generator for your Car. Normally, the car battery power is 12 volts. Over time, the battery’s internal components reduce, affecting its ability to recharge. Therefore, replacing the battery every 3 to 5 years is essential when it is not offering the full current.

How To Understand That the Car Battery Needs Replacement Service?

You need to keep a watchful eye on your car battery conditions. Some major symptoms will help you understand when your car battery needs replacement services. Sometimes, the battery may completely drain without any signs. Below are the essential factors that help you know when to replace your car battery.

The Car Will Not Start:

You will not see any warning light on the dashboard, and the vehicle will not start. The battery is likely dead. However, jump-starting can help before calling the mobile car garage to get a new battery.

The Car doesn’t start even after gems or bump starts:

If your vehicle begins through gems or bump-starts, you must drive it for half an hour with minimum electrical use. This helps recharge the dead battery. Now, you can try restarting your Car again after a few hours. If your Car starts without problems, there is nothing to worry about.

A Flashing Battery Warning Light Indicates:

that the car engine is having trouble starting and may require replacing the battery.

Powder Residue on The Battery Terminal:

Check the battery connection. A battery must have a proper connection to work correctly. If you find the terminals surrounded by whitish or blue residue, it will directly affect the performance of your car battery. Sometimes, it is also a sign of a dead battery.

Why Should You opt for The Car Battery Replacement Service at Home?

You can save a few pennies by replacing the car battery yourself. But if you don’t have the tools and the proper knowledge for the replacement, then hiring a mobile car battery replacement service provider is more sensible. Also, the old car battery can be a bigger issue to dispose of and can be disposed of correctly by an expert professional.

How Do You Hire Professionals to Replace Car Batteries at Home?

  • It is difficult to find a punctual, easily accessible, and pocket-friendly battery replacement service. You need to do some research on the Internet before choosing any service provider.
  • The service provider must be able to offer the right type of battery for cars of every model.
  • Choose batteries from a reliable battery manufacturer. Always avoid buying batteries from local manufacturers.
  • Drive the Car for a few distances to check the battery for a while to ensure everything is in order.

We Fix Car is highly committed to offering quick battery replacement services at your doorstep. Our expert mechanics are equipped with the latest tools for replacing the batteries of all cars’ tyres. We always ensure that our beloved customers get affordable and quick solutions for all their car battery-related problems.

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